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Black Watch Farm is compromised of 275 acres that were mostly wooded, with 88 acres now converted to pasture.

The herd is at 100 head, grass-fed, grain finished, and humanely raised.


Black Watch Farms is a dynamic, active cattle farm in the highlands of Vermont.  A herd of 100 head of cattle, serve as resources for the over 20 businesses who sell the famous “Grass-Fed Black Watch Farm Beef.”   The farm stand, open daily all year long, features all cuts of beef, fresh and frozen.    Fresh farm eggs are available from our chickens.  Ducks, geese, guinea hens, goats and a sheep, also entertain visitors to the farm.  Black Watch has become famous for shipping beef all over the country.  Second day delivery assures your selection is frozen and ready for your use or as a gift to others.

Owners Frank and Liz Manafort were looking for a weekend get-away, and these 275-acres were the perfect setting for developing their dream.   Sculpting the land to include barns, garages for equipment, housing and a farm stand to sell their grass-fed beef, took over 10 years.  The result is a modern, efficient property to breed cattle, revolve pastures and raise the animals in a humane and nutritious way.

Each Spring, new calves are nurtured by attentive mothers.  The herd includes Simmentals, Black Angus, and cross breeds that bring out the best to create a most delicious result.  Cows are treated humanely, grass fed, grain finished, and never receive hormone shots or any other artificial enhancements.  It’s natural food at its best.

Frank has also developed his family recipe into the best Franks in the area.  There are no nitrates or preservatives in Frank’s Franks.  They are in natural casings, and the closest thing to steak in a tube.  On the grill, they are perfection.

Semen sample from prize winning bulls are available for sale, as well as selected  young calves for other interested breeders.  The decision to raise high quality beef, showing them around the country was a natural transition for Manafort, who left a dynamic career in construction to follow a dream.

Manafort’s dream of car racing has also kept this hobby a main part of his life on the farm.  Currently he has several cars racing in the circuit in the NE, winning several competitions.  Earlier in his racing career, he earned a national championship, racing Legend cars in 1996.  Now, he leaves the driving to others, but still enjoys the thrill of a winning race.

Manafort sells his beef to various outlets in the Northeast.  Restaurants, hamburger stands, Inns, taverns, cafes, butchers, co-ops in Vermont and New Hampshire feature the popular grass-fed beef.  The farm also participates with a booth at the Hanover Farmers market, on the campus green at Dartmouth, June through mid-October.  The Woodstock Summerfest,  in beautiful downtown Woodstock, VT, hosts a Black Watch booth where consumers can purchase the freshly grilled hot dogs and hamburgers all day during the event in August.

What started as a weekend getaway, has turned into a showcase working farm, visitors are invited and encouraged.

Frank & Liz Manafort • 1233 Weathersfield Center Road • Weathersfield, VT 05156 • 802.263.5548 • Email: blackwatchfarm@gmail.comContact/Map

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